Why choose Esterno porcelain floor tiles this summer?

Esterno Porcelain Floor Tiles

Esterno porcelain floor tiles, the most beautiful outdoor porcelain paving collection from Millboard. It’s the perfect solution for balconies, roof terraces, patios, walkways and swimming pool areas. The Esterno products are designed to be installed easily, with stunning and effective results that you would expect from all of Millboard’s high quality products.

Esterno’s raised installation system for outdoor porcelain paving application allows for the laying of lighting cabling and pipework under the floor with the opportunity to easily remove them and check them at any time, thus reducing maintenance time and costs in comparison to traditional floors.

Esterno’s self levelling “floating head” adjustable support system allows you to correct levels and gradients of the surface as well as assisting drainage.

Esterno offers flooring solutions for both commercial and residential applications and can even be installed in four different ways to suit all project requirements; achieving perfectly level floor surfaces.