Are you sitting comfortably? Let the Millboard story begin

The world’s finest resin, composite outdoor flooring company Millboard has launched a video that guides you through their processes from design to the R&D that goes into the manufacturing of their premium boards.

Millboard®, has launched a video that encapsulates the very essence of the company, their values and heritage. Based in Warwickshire, the British family-run business employs over 120 dedicated people who have helped to shape the Millboard brand for over 20 years.

At Millboard, creating exceptionally crafted products is personal. Two generations of the Douglass family keep a watchful eye over every aspect of Millboard R&D and production, their skills honed over many years. To create a composite design with the beauty of real wood, they searched far and wide for the finest hardwood from which to mould the Millboard collection.

Millboard Director, Jerry Douglass, handpicks each timber personally, sifting through hundreds of specimens until he finds the winning combination of characterful grain and perfectly imperfect knots. The 100-year-old oak used to create our bestselling, beautifully age-worn Weathered collection was found in the rural countryside and originates from the floor of a French railway carriage. We were granted special permission to borrow and mould from them, before returning these rare finds to their owner. (more…)