Enhanced Grain Composite Decking – as good as wood?

Real wood decking is beautiful. With its natural knots and grains, it can really change the look of an outdoor space. But how does it match up to composite decking?

With wood being a naturally formed material, this means it requires a high level of maintenance. It can quickly become weathered, become slippery when wet and pose other issues such as rotting, fading and absorbing stains.

During the winter months, fungus often meets wet wood. The tannin in the timber reacts and forms a horrible black stain. This is often a sign you’re heading for rotten decking, and can damage the timber beyond repair. Natural wood can also fade and warp – leading to additional future costs on replacing or repairing some or all of your decking.

So why is our Enhanced Grain Composite Decking as good as wood?

In our opinion, it’s even better!

Our Enhanced Grain collection is moulded from selected real wood timber. This enables us to make this range of Millboard look just like the real thing – utilising the style and design that you can only find in natural wood.

The natural design is then teamed up with all of the exceptional benefits that Millboard provides.

Millboard composite decking is designed to specifically withstand outdoors elements – whether that’s good or bad weather, rain or shine. The Lastane® surface layer not only provides a high resistance to UV light, but also provides an anti-slip surface – even when wet.

As Millboard Composite Decking is made from a unique polyurethane resin blend, this non-pourous material resists any kind of moisture, algae, stains, mould or impact.

The features of Millboard combined provide the benefits of safety and cost saving, without the need to maintain the decking as you would do with real wood. And with our Enhanced Grain Composite Decking, visually it looks just as (if not better) than the real wood.

Take a look at the complete Enhanced Grain Composite Decking collection here


What drives you round the bend? Creating curved sub frames with composite decking

Don’t toe the line – curve it.


The materials you use to create your outdoor spaces should complement your designs, not hamper them. When creating curved decking, timber-based designs can present some complicated and costly problems. The processes involved can be time-consuming and without the necessary resources, the end-product might not be up to the challenge.


So how do you get curved decking without losing the beautiful finish of wood?


Millboard, that’s how.


Millboard is a purely resin/mineral based board, beautifully moulded by carefully selected timber samples and coloured by hand, capturing all of what’s good about wood. The non-porous product is resistant to algae and fungi, and with our unique, soft elastomer Lastane ® coating, you can forget about stains and scratches. The surface outperforms all known composites in slip resistance, providing a sure-footing no matter where you build your deck.


To achieve the natural flow of curved decking, Millboard provides specialist flexible edging and facias that open-up a world of possibilities. The edgings simply bend around your curved design, giving it a truly distinctive finish. Unlike conventional composites, Millboard’s edgings retain the life-like look of its boards, keeping your design looking seamless and stylish.


We offer a range of edging-types that are sure to work well with your design, and our facias include the ability for lights to be installed without hassle or fuss. With Millboard, anything is possible.


We want you to be as confident with the building of your new deck as you are with the final product. That’s why we provide a list of approved distributors and installers, chosen for their quality customer service and product expertise. With a wide range of styles, colours, supports and accessories available, you can be confident that with Millboard, your curved decking will stand out. Order your free samples today or contact us for further information. It’s time to live life outside.