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Nothing beats seeing and walking on a Millboard deck for real, but we would be very happy to send you some free samples for you to see up close and physically feel the grain. Select the samples you’d like to see and fill in the rest of our short online form. Once you have submitted your request, your samples should arrive within 3-4 working days. Please note that due to our unique manufacturing process and the natural look of our boards the sample piece you receive will most likely differ in tone and colour variation to the final boards.

Enhanced Grain

RRP Price Guide: £66.50 - £72.00 per board depending on colour. 1.54 boards per m2
* Please note: Antique Oak has more tonal variation per individual board than any other colours in our range. Therefore, the colours on the sample you receive may be different from the final colours on the ordered product.

Weathered Oak

RRP Price Guide: £78.50 - £85.00 per board depending on colour. 1.36 boards per m2


RRP Price Guide: £78.50 per board. 1.36 boards per m2

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