Edging & Fascia

The perfect finish to your Millboard deck. Unlike others on the market, Millboard edging continues the beautiful wood grain right round the edge profile to maintain the authentic wood look throughout.

Designed to resist high wear points, our edging comes in all the Millboard colours to match the rest of your deck and in square or – unique to Millboard – bullnose profiles. And the specialist flexible edging fits easily around curved edges for a truly distinctive finish.

Our fascias, too, retain the same attention to detail that enables the perfect match with the rest of your Millboard decking.

Our 150mm Bullnose Board has a bullnose profile to one edge, giving a stylish finish without the need for separate edging. Opening up a whole new range of possibilities – from under-lip lighting to coping for planters and seating – it provides great stability and ease of installation on steps and other exposed edges.

Our edging and fascia options are just another facet of the Millboard decking system that lifts it above other timber decking and conventional composite decking, giving it a finish that adds distinction to any setting.

Flexible Bullnose Edging

Size: 50 x 2400 x 33mm
Weight: 4kg

Bullnose Board

Size: 150 x 3200 x 32mm
Weight: 8.3kg

Square Edging

Size: 50 x 3200 x 33mm
Weight: 2.67kg


Size: 146 x 3200 x 16mm
Weight: 6.67kg


Enhanced Grain Brushed Basalt

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50B
Bullnose Board: MEBB150B
Square: MEUN32B
Fascias: MFN320B


Coppered Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50C
Bullnose Board: MEBB150C
Square: MEUN32C
Fascias: MFN320C

Smoked Oak

Smoked Oak Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50D
Bullnose Board: MEBB150D
Square: MEUN32D
Fascias: MFN320D

Burnt Cedar

Charred Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50R
Bullnose Board: MEBB150R
Square: MEUN32R
Fascias: MFN320R


Golden Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50G
Bullnose Board: MEBB150G
Square: MEUN32G
Fascias: MFN320G


Jarrah Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50J
Bullnose Board: MEBB150J
Square: MEUN32J
Fascias: MFN320J


Limed Oak Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50L
Bullnose Board: MEBB150L
Square: MEUN32L
Fascias: MFN320L


Vintage Edging & Fascia

Bullnose Flexible: MEBF50V
Bullnose Board: MEBB150V
Square: MEUN32V
Fascias: MFN320V

Where to buy Millboard Decking?

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