Plastic Decking but not as you know it….

When people say plastic decking… what does that conjure up in your mind – something that looks well “plasticky”.

The image doesn’t fit the reality nowadays.

Plastic is not a word that makes you feel luxurious or tranquil but the reality is that the composite market manufacturing products such as decking has come a very long way. Decking no longer looks plastic and the products are so much better quality, also people are making a conscious choice to seek out recycled products and Millboard composite decking is an more eco-friendly solution to the alternatives.

Take Millboard for instance. Our decking is made from a polymer resin and polyurethane blend. No wood content is included in our boards- no trees have been cut down to make our products and yet it looks like real wood and not at all like plastic. In fact, it’s resin- not plastic and it’s the highest quality resin composite available.

Millboard gives you the beauty of real wood- without any wood content. When you look at Millboard and then think of plastic decking, you will be pleasantly surprised. Resin composite really is different.

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