Outdoor Floor Tiles

It’s so trendy nowadays to lay outdoor floor tiles and Esterno porcelain flooring is the perfect choice for your outdoor floor tile project with our large range of high quality designs and variety of colours.

When choosing the perfect outdoor floor tiles for your project, you need to bear in mind that the wear and tear on outdoor floor tiles is considerably more when compared to other types of tiles – our porcelain flooring is the perfect choice: Esterno porcelain flooring is durable, hard wearing with an anti-slip finish and is available in a variety of colours and styles that will compliment and enhance the ambiance required for your project perfectly.

Esterno Porcelain Flooring

Esterno porcelain flooring is rectified to a 20mm thickness. Resistant to acid and alkali and with a very high resistance towards abrasion. The bend strength and weight bearing strength of Esterno’s outdoor floor tiles are far more superior and are designed to be UV stable with an anti-slip finish for your safety.

Easy installation

Esterno offers four easy installation solutions suitable for any outdoor floor tiles project:

  • Raised installation– which is easily removable simply by lifting the slabs
  • Gravel installation– functional, quick and removable
  • Traditional adhesive installation-extremely resistant and ideal for pathways
  • Grass installation– easily removable and reusable elsewhere.

Thanks to just a few easy steps, installation of your outdoor floor tiles can be carried out in total safety, without requiring special equipment. Esterno’s dry installation system does not require the use of adhesive or grouts, therefore the system is really easy to install, remove and doesn’t require acid cleaning after installation. Installation onto grass is the perfect solution for residential projects including gardens and balconies as well as public spaces such as parks and picnic areas.


Esterno porcelain flooring can be used in residential spaces such as terraces, gardens, balconies and patios as well as more commercial projects such as restaurants, bars and swimming pools.

Once you have made the wise choice to include Esterno outdoor floor tiles in your project, you can expect to enjoy just some of the following benefits:

  • Eco friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Quick to install
  • Effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Frost resistant
  • Anti-slip

For more information about using Esterno porcelain paving as an outdoor floor tiles please contact us.