Outdoor decking material

Anti slip decking

Due to its 100% wood free nature, Millboard’s outdoor decking material does not host algae growth-which can lead to slippery surfaces on other deck types (soft wood, hard wood etc.). Millboard decking is not only beautifully unique in its design, style and durability; we are also the proud owners of the highest anti-slip accreditation and rarely classified “excellent” rating for non-slip decking, even in the wet. In accordance with BS79.76 slip resistance tests, Millboard leads the industry with our high scoring anti-slip ratings (even in wet conditions). If you have a very limited budget softwood decking will do the job, but don’t expect it to last. We like hardwood decking, which looks good and will last but you still have to regularly scrub, sand and stain it to keep it looking good. And then there’s the concern of safety. Millboard’s outdoor decking materials are both child friendly and exceed DDA standards too. Unlike traditional timber outdoor decking material, Millboard captures the charm of natural wood but eliminates its shortcomings. Millboard is non-rot and splinter free. With our softer Lastane ® layer the slip resistance is enhanced, so you can be confident in the knowledge that you, your family and your friends will always be safe on your deck.  Using Millboard couldn’t be easier. You simply lay it and leave it. There’s no sanding or staining-ever. Its UV stable so resists fading keeping your deck looking as good as the day it was fitted! Your lifestyle choices will only be enhanced with the confidence and peace of mind that our 25 Year Residential Warranty which also comes as standard.

Composite decking

Softwood and hardwood outdoor decking material are by definition made from wood. Typically composite decking (WPC) will contain up to 50% wood and a plastic or other material combined together.  Both are made with high energy processes and use up the Earth’s natural resources.  The difference between Millboard and composite decking is that Millboard contains no wood whatsoever. Not a single tree is cut down to produce Millboard. Being a polymer resin composite (PRC) its manufacture in the UK is classed as a low energy process, meaning the demand on our natural resources is minimal. That’s the Earth’s impact taken care of, but with Millboard having no wood content it also means so much more to you too. With no wood in our outdoor decking material, our boards do not host algae growth which in turn maintains Millboard’s excellent anti- slip properties. Unlike some composite decking, Millboards are solid- not hollow. Additionally, they don’t split, swell or shrink and are UV stable so they resist stains and fading. The core of the Millboard outdoor decking material is a blend of natural minerals bonded with a polymer resin plus added fibres for strength and durability.

If a composite board is what you’re after, have a look at our wood-plastic composite range called XylTECH which is a unique blend of high quality wood fibres and recycled high density plastic.

Plastic sub-frame

Millboard offers a complete external solution. Our Plas-Pro range is made using recycled plastic and offers a complete non-rot system.  Favoured by local authorities for its eco-friendly properties, as with all Millboard outdoor decking material products this is ultra-low maintenance and does not split, rot or crack. Millboard’s sub frame is particularly suitable around water and damp environments such as fishing platforms, jetty’s, roof terraces and boardwalks. Millboard have carefully created a wide choice of colours and finishes to harmonise with both contemporary and traditional designs- so no matter what your inspiration, we can make your dream a reality. Millboard’s two tone finish gives our outdoor decking material a natural look; and each and every board is moulded and hand-enhanced to faithfully reproduce the detail and charm of natural wood. Millboard is widely specified by the professionals- designers, architects, local authorities, leisure and corporate clients. It is both the aesthetic and practical choice.  Millboard offers an extremely low life cycle cost and brings a whole new dimension to external flooring and decking. It looks fabulous and lasts for many years to come. We accept you can pay less for decking, but the best hand crafted things in life for the more discerning are worth that little bit more; we know you won’t regret choosing Millboard. With our 25 Year Residential Warranty which comes as standard, you can have the peace of mind against rotting such as fungal and mildew decay, splitting and twisting.