Our Vision

Our vision is to provide opportunity for every outdoor space to be distinguished with the beauty of natural timber, but with enhanced durability, safety and ease of maintenance. We achieve this with decking material that replicates the beauty of natural wood, but does not rot, warp or split, that has a non-slip surface, and that requires minimal maintenance.

Millboard decking creates spaces where people love to live life outside.


A low carbon product


When you install Millboard decking, it’s not just a beautiful outdoor space you are investing in; you are also investing in a low-carbon material. Millboard is focused on continued sustainability and is the first premium outdoor flooring company in the world to have its carbon footprint independently verified and UKAS accredited, to the international standard ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark.

Sustainability is a crucial element of the company’s ethos, and we are committed to producing decking that enhances the outdoors without damaging the planet.