Our Story

Millboard is a family-owned, British company with its roots in the great outdoors and a passion for creating truly innovative products that inspire everyone to enjoy them.

A lifetime in the making

At Millboard, creating exceptionally crafted products is personal. Two generations of the Douglass family keep a watchful eye over every aspect of Millboard design and production, their skills honed over many years.

Millboard Director, Jerry, and his brothers grew up accompanying their father – our company’s founder – to select reclaimed yards, where they’d spend hours choosing the perfect stone for our original range of products, an innovative alternative to stone paving.

Over 20 years later, the directors still employ the same rigorous process for Millboard, the unique resin composite to timber designed for every outdoor space.


Our vision for every outdoor space

Millboard is inspired by the beauty of nature, yet built to out perform it.

Because we believe that nothing can compare to the appearance of real timber, we’ve spent years perfecting the only true, all-weather alternative. In fact, it took years and many attempts to refine the Millboard that today graces the gardens of stately homes, walkways of zoos, decks of luxurious coastal hotels and stylish homes.

As with most inventions, it began with a problem and, rather aptly, the solution lay beneath our feet. Where wood is slippery and vulnerable to the elements, Millboard is created with a unique surface material inspired by the non-slip soles of shoes. This clever surface layer ensures that even when wet, Millboard is anti-slip and, combined with the wood-free resin composite underneath, is resistant to sun and heat, rain and cold.

Passion about detail

To create a composite design with the beauty of real wood, we searched far and wide for the finest hardwood from which to mould the Millboard collection.

Our Director, Jerry, handpicks each timber personally, sifting through hundreds of specimens until he finds the winning combination of characterful grain and perfectly imperfect knots. We’ve also gone to extraordinary lengths to seek out original masters, often chancing upon it in the most unlikely places. The 100-year-old oak used to create our bestselling, beautifully age-worn Weathered collection was found in the rural countryside and originates from the floor of a French railway carriage. We were granted special permission to borrow and mould from them, before returning these rare finds to their owner.

We bring this respect for materials and passion for detail to every step of the Millboard journey.


Where craftsmanship meets innovation

Millboard is proudly designed and made in Great Britain, showcasing the skills of our craftspeople, as well as the latest technological advances.

We’re continually looking for ways that we can further perfect our products, whether through materials or manufacture. Our in-house Research and Development team is relentless in its pursuit of production innovations, ensuring Millboard is always one step ahead and performs to the very highest standard for years to come.

Yet because we also understand that there are some details only the skilled eye of an artisan can deliver, we insist on carrying out many of our processes by hand, from preparing the original timber masters which we mould Millboard from, to carefully hand painting each Millboard in the incredibly true-to-life, tonal shades that is our signature.