Non Slip Decking

Non slip decking is a consideration for both deck owners and people considering installing decking for the first time both in commercial and domestic situations. Keeping decking non slip is an issue both in summer and winter.

Why does decking become slippery?

A common misconception is that rain is the main reason for decking becoming slippery – however it isn’t. It’s because of the fungus and algae that grows a traditional wood decking, when the surface has been soaked by rain, rather than the rain itself, making the surface of your decking slippery no matter the season.

So how can you make non slip decking?

Simple! Remove the common factor. Don’t use wood!!

The most effective way to reduce decking slip issues caused by rain is to install Millboard Composite Decking. Millboard composite decking is a wood free alternative to wood decking and is the ideal solution for replacing an existing deck or installing abrand new decking project as you can give your deck the best chances of never becoming slippery in the first place. Millboard composite decking is inherently non-slip so you will never need to coat our boards with a non-slip paint either, just fit it and forget it! No slipping and no maintenance.

Millboard composite decking is non slip, gives you the peace of mind you want and the quality you deserve.