Boardwalk, Falkirk

A sophisticated new look added by this venue’s new owners

Formerly known as The Wheelhouse, the popular Boardwalk venue near to the Falkirk Wheel has been completely revamped under new owners Cawley Hotels.

They were keen to create outdoor spaces for their customers to enjoy, but the wooden decks they had in mind would be time-consuming to maintain and become slippery during and after any wet weather.

We were looking for something that gave authenticity to ’Boardwalk’. The minute I saw the product, I loved it! It provides an instant aged look and adds to the sense of theatre for our customers. Thanks to its slip-resistance it feels very safe too. We’re so pleased with it, Millboard decking is also going to be installed at Duck Bay, our flagship property on the banks of Loch Lomond. Alan Cawley, Cawley Hotels

Millboard Decking Used

The result

Boardwalk’s new look, of which the Millboard decking is an integral part, has proved a real hit with its patrons. So much so that Cawley Hotels now intend installing the same decking at their other properties, to create a distinctive – and distinguished – look that will become an integral element of their brand.