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Plas-Pro Solutions

The ideal companion for our all-weather flooring, and a durable, hardwearing and practical solution for spaces exposed to damp, such as jetties, fishing platforms, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks. Made from 100% recycled plastic, it won’t rot, split or crack.

Reference codes

Joist section / bearer
125 x 50 x 3000mm: P1205B300

Roof terrace joist batten
50 x 50 x 2400mm: P0505B240

Post section
100 x 100 x 3000mm P1010B300

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Durafix fixings

Our unique, hidden decking fixings make installing Millboard simple. There’s no pre-drilling, counter sinking or clip fixings needed – all you need to do is screw them in. Once they’re in, the Lastane coating material on every Millboard simply flexes back over the fixing, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark and creating a cleaner finish. Made from stainless steel, the screws have a self-cutting tip, six-point Torx head and are waxed for ease of use. And the drill bits are even included in the box.

Reference codes

4.0 x 50mm Box of 500: FT50P500
4.5 X 70mm Box of 350: FT70P350

*Approx number required – 22 fixings per board

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Touch-up coatings

Perfect for blending in cut ends, our touch-up coatings are available in a range of seven colours to match your Millboard.

Tin 500ml

Reference Codes

Jarrah: AP500J
Golden Oak: AP500G
Vintage: AP500V
Carbonised: AP500E
Limed Oak: AP500L
Coppered Oak: AP500C
Driftwood & Smoked: AP500D


Ring supports

Millboard ring supports are designed for use in low height areas, creating airflow and protecting the roof membrane, while allowing water to flow off easily and prevent pooling.

Number per m2*
Residential 4.50 Commercial 6.25

Reference codes

Rubber ring 9mm: PPR09
Plastic ring 15mm: PPR15
Spacers 3mm: PPR03*

* Approx number – quantities may vary according to project design

** This product is only suitable for the 15mm ring support

Joist shoes

Our rubber joist shoes are the ideal foundation when laying Millboard on hard surfaces. The joist shoes also have an acoustic benefit to help reduce the sound transfer.

Quick and easy to install with optional height adjusting levellers.

Number per m2*
Residential 4.50 Commercial 6.25

Reference codes

Joist shoe 10mm: PJ10
Joist shoe 38mm: PJ38
Height adjuster 3mm: PJ03

* Approx number – quantities may vary according to project design



Our adjustable pedestals are ideal for podium decks and terraces. Their smart design allows pipe work and services to be laid beneath Millboard, while also improving breathability and preventing rot. The weight of the joists is spread evenly, creating a sturdy support, and they’re available in incremental adjustable sizes up to 300mm tall, giving you complete control of the height of the area.

Number per m2*
Residential 4.50
Commercial 6.25

* Approx number – quantities may vary according to project design

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