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Reasons to use Millboard Plas Pro Sub-frame fixing system

Millboard sub-frame system: We are often asked about the best sub-base frame systems for composite decking installations. Without doubt, we know that the ideal companion for our all-weather composite decking is Plas-Pro, a durable, hard-wearing and practical sub-frame material for spaces exposed to damp such as jetties,...

Subframe | 04/12/2017

Composite Decking Joists

Composite decking joists, pedestals and fixings Millboard decking has many advantages over natural timber, including that it doesn’t rot, split or warp. Wood’s inherent flaws mean that it is not the ideal material for creating structures to support decks, as for providing the floor surface to the...

Subframe | 29/09/2017

Millboard Accessories – Composite decking pedestals

Millboard Composite Decking Pedestals With Millboard composite decking pedestals, it’s not just the composite decking boards that are premium and sought after, it’s also our distinct range of essential additions to ensure the perfect fit and performance for your outdoor space. Our adjustable pedestals are ideal for...

Subframe | 03/05/2017

Self-levelling pedestals ideal for decks and terraces

Millboard self-levelling pedestals are ideal for podium decks and terraces. The innovative adjustable head ensures easier, faster and more stable installations. Their smart design allows pipe work and services to be laid beneath Millboard, whilst also improving breathability and reducing rot which can occur to roof timbers...

Subframe | 10/11/2016

The perfect fit and performance for your outdoor space.

Pedestals for podium decks and terraces Most decking projects would require a support system to raise the terrace to meet the internal floor level. There are many adjustable pedestal systems available to help with projects like this. Most of them rely on a collar under the head...

Subframe | 29/09/2016

Composite decking accessories

At Millboard, we supply a number of accessories for our decking products. These have been chosen by us to benefit our customers in many ways and all come with great advantages. Laying decking can seem like a daunting task but with these helpful extras it will be a...

Subframe | 04/11/2013