Millboard exhibiting at FutureScape 2017

Millboard FutureScape 2017 – Tomorrow will see the doors open at FutureScape – the UK’s leading landscaping exhibition, Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey.

Millboard FutureScape: Over the years, this event has secured its place as the largest landscape exhibition in the UK, with attendees and exhibitors flocking from across the country for the big day. The event’s success, and evolution in size and scope, has transformed FutureScape into the nation’s leading landscape show.

Millboard will be situated on Stand 97/98 where our team of composite decking experts will be on hand to show you our range of wood-free outdoor flooring. There is also the opportunity to apply to become a Millboard Approved Installer and grab a coffee with the team.


We hope to see you there!

The Millboard Team


Hand moulded composite decking for your next project

Why choose hand moulded composite decking: Because Millboard is a unique non-wood decking which perfectly replicates the visual appeal of natural timber, it can boast superior performance. Hand-moulded in durable polyurethane, it has superior safety features with higher anti-slip ratings than conventional composite decking. The distinctive look of Millboard takes skill, impeccable attention to detail and patience to achieve.

Hand moulded composite decking: The journey begins with real timber, which we source from the local area and carefully select by hand, paying particular attention to the subtle nuances of the natural grain. These timbers are then used to create the moulds for Millboard, enabling us to replicate the natural character of the original wood in our unique composite material.



Our director, Jerry, handpicks each timber personally, sifting through hundreds of specimens until he finds the winning combination of characterful grain and distinctive knots. We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to seek out these original masters, often chancing upon them in the most unlikely places. The 100-year-old oak used to create our beautiful Weathered collection, was found in the rural countryside and originates from the floor of a French railway carriage. We were granted special permission to take moulds from these distinctive pieces of wood, which now form the basis of a truly unique decking material.

So, if you are looking for an alternative decking solution, you can find out more about our unique Composite Decking here.

Benefits of Choosing Composite Decking for your outside space

Why choose composite decking? We are often asked ‘why should I select composite decking?’ and “what are the true benefits of stepping away from traditonal timber decking?”…

Why choose composite decking? The beauty of real wood can transform any outdoor space, but wood can need regular maintenance, or can become slippery when wet; it quickly loses its original appeal via fading, absorbing stains, and eventual rotting.  There are many alternative composite decking products that homeowners can easily research before they install their perfect outdoor living space. Although composite decking imitates the real thing, it is commonly produced from a combination of wood and plastic.  The combined wood / plastic material process of composite decking offers a product that combats many of the problems faced with wood and it is mostly specified for decking and balcony installations.

A resin-mineral wood-free composite decking on the other hand, is completely different to wood plastic decking and is unique to the composite decking industry. Producing wood-free composite decking boards with enhanced performance is a fine art; inspiration is taken from the character and beauty of natural timber to develop an alternative that improves upon it. Moulded from carefully selected timbers and painstakingly hand-coloured for an incredibly natural appearance, this composite decking is as beautiful as hardwood, yet designed to outsmart it.

Produced from a unique polyurethane resin blend, with a resilient Lastane® surface layer, Millboard composite decking ensures that it’s anti-slip even when wet because it boasts the highest anti-slip property classification. Wood-free composite decking can be the perfect alternative outdoor flooring solution for every type of outdoor landscaping space: no matter how large or small. As well as the peace of mind of low maintenance, its unique design also means that it can be quicker and simpler to install than timber, with no pre-drilling or special tools needed.

All of our products have been designed to withstand whatever the elements or everyday use throws at it. Where timber, and non-capped wood plastic composites will fade over time, Millboard is highly resistant to UV light. The non-porous material also resists moisture, stains, mould, algae and impact. And it won’t splinter feet or paws.

Millboard Composite Decking – Quick Facts

Millboard composite decking products have been designed to withstand whatever the elements or everyday use throws at it. Where timber, wood stain and varnish will fade over time, Millboard is highly resistant to UV light. The non-porous material also resists moisture, stains, mould, algae and impact. And it won’t splinter feet or paws!

Our company employs over 100 people based in Warwickshire where we proudly design and manufacture wood-free, alternative composite decking flooring that is created from a unique polyurethane resin blend.

Anti-slip, maintenance-free and UV stable, our products are moulded from carefully selected timbers which are then hand-coloured. Millboard is as beautiful as hardwood yet designed to surpass it. Therefore, our composite decking is able to recreate a product that combines the beauty of real timber with the high performance of a unique wood-free material. 

Quick Facts on Millboard Composite Decking

  • Millboard is wood-free and non-porous, which means high resistance to algae growth and excellent anti-slip properties.
  • The unique Lastane® layer resists scratches and stains and is designed to withstand demanding outdoor environments.
  • The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength and durability.
  • Millboard is solid, not hollow, meaning it’s strong and won’t warp or rot like wood.
  • Our unique ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength.

And because Millboard composite decking is made in Britain using innovative techniques, it’s also eco-friendly too.

More information can be found:

Anti-Slip Composite Decking

Anti-slip decking you can enjoy with confidence

A big concern with a lot of outdoor decking is that in the wrong weather, it can end up being too unsafe to enjoy. And it isn’t just wet weather that poses a hazard: timber-based decking is prone to algae and fungal growths that can make the surface even more slippery. Even conventional composite decking can suffer from these problems, due to its timber content. In contrast, Millboard decking is made from an entirely wood-free material – it provides genuinely anti-slip decking.

Keep the look – lose the hazard

Each of our decking boards is formed from a unique resin/mineral composite, with no wood content at all. As a result, there is nothing to encourage algal or fungal growth, and our unique Lastane ® coating has tremendous anti-slip performance. But while Millboard decking avoids the problems associated with wood, it manages to retain all wood’s beauty. Moulded from carefully selected oak samples and coloured by hand, its grain and colouring make it virtually indistinguishable from real timber.

Independently tested

When it comes to safety regulations, Millboard’s anti-slip decking passes independent tests, easily surpassing the British Standard Institute’s and Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines. In the wet especially, it significantly out-performs any wood or wood composite decking. Our Weathered Oak range has a wet slip resistance of rating of 54 and our Enhanced Grain is 51, both far above the required 36 to pass the requirement for low slip flooring. This figure increases when referring to slopes which goes up to 45 PTV (Pendulum Test Value) for a 5 degree slope, although most slopes are 3-4 degress, nonetheless Millboard still far exceeds the requirement which many composite decking manufacturers fail to meet.

The ultimate in anti-slip decking

While all of Millboard’s decking has excellent anti-slip performance, for areas where safety is paramount we offer Lasta-Grip®. This retains the same authentic wood look of all our products, but has a textured surface to offer the ultimate in slip-resistance, without the rough feel of conventional gritted strip boards.

A complete, high-performance decking system

Millboard’s decking is backed up by accessories that match its performance. Our Plas-Pro sub frame system and adjustable levelling supports are simple to work with, while various edging options, all incorporating the same natural wood-grain, ensure your deck has the perfect finish. Or if you’d rather leave your deck’s construction to experts, we have a network of approved installers to call on.

If you’re looking for safe, anti-slip decking that doesn’t sacrifice looks to achieve its performance, you’ll find it here at Millboard. Take a look at the different styles and colours we offer and order your free samples. You’ll soon be on your way to having your own dream deck.

Truly Maintenance Free Decking

Due to its polymer-resin material, unlike wood, Millboard decking does not rot, split, swell or warp. It is truly maintenance free decking. Its unique Lastane surface is durable, resistant to marking or scratching and its UV stability resists fading.

Simply lay it and leave it – no sanding or staining!

You can always give it a quick wash with soapy water and a soft broom if you are feeling guilty watching your neighbour sweat over maintaining his deck!

Decking and making the most of a small garden

As the saying goes; “good things come in small packages” and there’s an awful lot you can do with a restricted garden space. In fact, small gardens really do lend themselves well to intricate design features that could easily get lost in larger spaces. Having a small garden is a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination run wild and get  a bit creative. Here are a few tips to help you maximise the potential of your small garden.

Consider Functionality

How do you make use of your garden? Whether it’s somewhere for you to work on your tan, entertain friends or get your hands dirty, the functionality of your garden can have an important influence over the design that you employ. If you like your garden to look good without too much input, consider using composite decking as a backdrop and decorate with easily managed container plants. If you like to be hands on in the garden, create distinct areas for flower borders and a vegetable patch to make your garden feel bigger.

Keep it Simple

When you’re working with a small space there is inevitably going to be a limit to what you can include in terms of design styles. Take some time to consider your priorities and pick out one or two main features to include in your garden, otherwise you will risk overwhelming the space with too much going on.

 Make it Bold

Funnily enough, a great way to make a small space seem larger is to use over-sized furniture and landscaping features. Take care to employ this technique throughout your space, from the swing seat to the planters and the style of your decking, to ensure that it creates a unified style that really can enhance your space.

Plant Wisely

Certain types of plants and trees lend themselves better to confined spaces. The main thing to take into consideration is the potential height and spread of anything you plant, so choose carefully to ensure that your garden isn’t overrun before you know it. As with any garden, it’s best to aim for a range of plants that peak at different times throughout the season so that your garden will retain interest all year round.

The Sky’s the Limit

When floor space is at a premium, make the most of different heights to fit a lot more into your garden. You can create different levels with decking and raised planting areas, or even just organise your flower beds to maximise your potential with a variety of plants reaching different heights. For example, start with taller flowers such as sunflowers, hollyhocks or cosmos next to the fence, then move through Echinacea or lupine in the centre of the bed, and finish with a covering of alyssum, marigolds or yellow anemone. To make sure your mid-level plants don’t get ahead of themselves, pinch them out as they grow to create a lower, bushier shape.

For more garden inspiration check out our residential gallery.

Composite decking in your summer garden

After what has felt like the longest winter in decades, the sun has finally decided to get its hat on, and that can only mean one glorious thing….that summer is finally on its way!

How do you normally spend your summer days? Mowing the lawn? Washing the car? BBQ with friends and water fights with the kids?

However you choose to spend your sunny days and balmy evenings, you can trust Millboard to make your summertime high fun and low effort with our maintenance-free flooring solutions. After all, who wants to have to spend time cleaning their decking before lighting up the BBQ coals when their friends are round? Or sweeping down their decking before enjoying a well earned glass of wine out on their roof terrace? No one does! And with Millboard, you won’t have to!

So, let us do the decking while you get the paddling pool out and get the burgers on the barbeque.


With Millboard, your summer is already here!