Staff Testimonials

Our people share a passion for creating truly innovative products that make everyone
love to live life outside. Hear testimonials from some of our current staff.

Bruce Staff Testimonial
Having been with the company for 8 years it’s been an impressive journey so far, a company which has inspired many people both inside and outside the organisation. The culture at Millboard is amazing and it makes every day an enjoyable one. And there is a strong team spirit amongst my colleagues too which helps to keep the morale in the office high. I’m glad to be part of this great Millboard Team!Bruce, 8 Years at Millboard
Holly Staff Testimonial
It is great to work in an environment that is culture driven. I appreciate being able to work for a company that encourages development both on an individual and team basis and celebrates success. I look forward to expanding my knowledge as the company progresses further.Holly, 3 Years at Millboard
Millboard Staff Testimonial
At Millboard, we have a strong team culture, underpinned by a non hierarchical structure. We are keen on continuous improvement, with unlimited opportunities to develop, and ultimately further progress the Millboard story that we are proud to be a part of.Phil, 4 Years at Millboard
Millboard Staff Testimonial
Since joining Millboard the company has grown significantly, however this hasn’t changed the feel of our closely knit team with no hierarchy and strong leadership. Everyone is honest & transparent offering feedback to others to enable continuous improvement in any area, after all it is your attitude not your altitude that counts! The more effort, energy and passion you demonstrate leads to greater reward and recognition.Stefan, 5 Years at Millboard
Carl Staff Testimonial
Before I joined the team at Millboard I had heard stories of how a good team culture helps businesses perform and have greater productivity but I didn't realize it made this much difference! Since the day I joined, I have experienced a vibrant atmosphere that's driven right through each department and the enthusiasm it breeds. The peer support is especially evident where everyone is there to help each other forward and celebrate wins together and further assist our clients to achieve the outdoor living spaces of their dreams.Carl, 2 years at Millboard
Millboard Staff Testimonial
I feel part of a passionate and driven team which strives for excellence to make such an amazing product. We have a diverse workforce who are appreciated and recognised for the hard work and innovation which makes Millboard the leading brand in the market.Ahmed, 3 Years at Millboard